Whole30 Coaching

  • Are you interested in the Whole30 program, but don’t know where to begin?

  • Have you tried to complete a round of Whole30 on your own, but didn’t feel successful?

  • Do you need some extra support during your Whole30?

  • These are just a few of the many reasons why working with a Whole30 Certified Coach may be a good fit for you. Want to learn more? Keep reading!


Ready to change your life in 30 days?

Let’s work together!

Where do I come in?  I’m here for you.  I won’t lie and tell you the Whole30 is easy.  It’s not.  But that’s why I’m here.  I’m here to help you, guide you, and empower you.  I know you can do it, even in the moments you may not think you can.  I want you to live the best possible version of your life and I want to help you get there.  This is why I became a Whole30 Certified Coach.  I am honored to be able to work with people every day to help them reach their goals and change their lives.  Why not let that next person be you? 

My coaching style is very personal, down-to-earth, and supportive.  I recognize that we are all on our own unique journeys to health and my top priority is to empower you in yours.  I promise to always meet you where you’re at and provide you with the support you need to flourish.  Whether it’s your first ever Whole30 or your tenth, I want to hear your story.  I want to build a community of strong and empowered individuals that are ready to take charge of their health and change their lives in the process. 

 What can you expect when you work with me? I host Whole30 groups periodically throughout the year, and while the individual people in the group may vary, the experience I provide you with will be consistent.  

  • First, and foremost, I want to get to know you. What goals you have, what struggles you face, what your favorite color is, and all that fun stuff!  What makes you, you.  I want to know! I cherish diversity and want all people from all backgrounds to always feel welcome and supported in my groups.

  • From there, we’ll come up with your personalized plan for success.  No two people are coming to the table with the same issues, and I celebrate that uniqueness in my groups.  To ensure you have the support you need, we’ll start with a formulating a special plan of attack just for you.  

  • Prep, prep, prep.  All of my groups last 6 weeks.  While Whole30 itself may only be thirty days, the most important part in my opinion is before and after those thirty days.  The week prior to the start of the program, we’ll walk through every step of the prep needed for a successful Whole30

  • Drumroll please…Let’s do the damn thing!  For thirty days, we will live our best Whole30 lives.  A lot can happen in those thirty days, and I am here for you every single one of them. Think of me like you’re Whole30 BFF/cheerleader/teacher/shoulder to cry on.  Seriously.  I am so here for you.  Ingredient questions? I got you.  Panic at the party with nothing compliant? I’m your girl.  Here’s just a few of the great things you can expect in our group during these thirty days: 

    • Private Facebook group with daily Whole30 content and check-ins.  Remember when I said I want to know you? I wasn’t kidding.  We will be in communication every single day and this group will serve as a way for us to build community and support one another.  Think of me as the mamma bar and you’re all my cubs!  I will lift you up when you feel like you can’t take another step and wave my paws in the air when you crush the goals I know you will! 

    • We’ll also go “live” in the Facebook group at least once a week with topics like

      • talk/vent/celebrate all things Whole30

      • cooking demonstrations

      • trips to the grocery store/farmers market

      • guest appearances by other awesome Whole30 coaches

      • and so much more!

    • We’ll have a private GroupMe chat for those on the fly emergency questions.  While I can’t promise that I’ll respond to a 2am, “can I please have this paleo cookie” question…spoiler alert, the answer is HELL NO…I will do my best to be there for you when you need me!

    • Special in person events throughout the month. Not local to Kansas City?  No problem!  All events will be livestreamed and saved to our private Facebook group.

  • Ok, we did it.  We made it through the thirty days! Whew!  Now what?  That’s right, you’re not done yet.  Give me ten more days of your time to make this whole process worth it. Reintroduction time!  I’ll guide you through the fast-track reintroduction wherein we’ll identify which foods are working for you, which aren’t, and talk all things food freedom.

  • Finally, all of my coaching clients will have access to a separate private Facebook group just for alumni’s.  Think of this as the afterparty! That sense of community you felt in your group doesn’t have to end.  Continue to build friendships and find support in this group for the rest of your Whole30ing days.

 So, what do you say?  Are you ready to change your life in thirty days? 

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